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  • You will go one on one with the Great One!
  • Who in the blue hell are you?
  • Finally…The Rock…has come back to (whatever city he’s in at the time)
  • It’s pretty hard to get a point seven. You have to do close to nothing.
  • If you smell what The Rock is cooking!
  • The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel!
  • It doesn’t matter what you think.
  • For me it came from the material. It was so well written and brought the opportunity to work with great actors. And of course the opportunity to ‘mince about’ was an added element that I wanted to take advantage of!
  • I liked his ability to deal with a lot of the negativity that surrounded him. Even though he was in a world that he didn’t want to be in, he still saw the bigger picture.
  • That’s a traditional Samoan dance. I was lucky that I was able to fly my cousins, who are professional dancers, up from Hawaii and they were able to be in the movie with me. We had a great time.
  • The one thing I couldn’t identify with was the blue cowboy outfit he put on.
  • The song was my idea. Gary and I were having breakfast and I said what if Elliot would sing? He asked what he’d sing. I said something you wouldn’t expect, an old country and western love song, like You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man). He liked the title, I sang a couple of lines from it and he loved it then.
  • When he speaks to you he speaks with an earnest vibe and an earnest energy.
  • With a movie like this you get to collaborate with Gary, and he gives you the freedom to go as far as you want to go.
  • You will go one on one with the Great One!
  • You will go one on one with the Great One!
  • The Rock is without a doubt THE most electrifying man in sports entertainment today!
  • The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel!
  • Layeth the smacketh down.
  • If you smell…what The Rock…is…cooking!
  • Do you smell That the Rock is Cook’n..
  • What do you think? …It doesn’t matter what you think
  • The Rock says…
  • Know your role and shut your mouth!
  • This ain’t ‘Sing Along With The Rock’!
  • It doesn’t matter what you think!
  • Who is this roody-poo?
  • It doesn’t matter what your name is!
  • Who in the blue hell are you?
  • The Rock is ‘The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment!’
  • Just bring it!
  • I’m gonna take this (object), shine it up real nice, turn it side ways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!
  • Do you like pie?
  • The Rock’s gonna take your monkey ass down to the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive and check you in to the Smackdown Hotel!
  • The Rock is going to lay the smack down all over your candy ass!
  • This is The Rock’s show! This is SmackDown!
  • The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, the best in the present, future and past, and if ya’ll don’t like me you can kiss the people’s ass! 
  • I’ve come for the woman… and your head.-Maythaus in The Scorpion King
  • I hate this place. I hate penis eating minnows and I hate freaky fruit. I want to go home, I want concrete, I want home made tortellini. I want my Los Angeles Lakers. I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home. Get out of here Monkeys. Beck in The Rundown
  • Option A or Option B. Option A: we walk out of here nice and easy, we go back to the airstrip, and then we begin our long journey back to Los Angeles. There’ll be no bruises, no broken bones, and no problems.  -Beck in The Rundown
  • Whoo! Scorchin’! – Elliot Willehelm in Be Cool
  • Who knew, that a man with 24 inch pythons would have half inch testicles! 
  • Hey Jabronie.
  • You don’t want to mess with the ROCK and SOCK connection.
    Who are you two popcorn farts?
  • Jabroni-beatin, pie-eatin, trail-blazin, eyebrow-raisin, faster than a cheatah, stronger than a buck, hottest thing to hit Canada because the Maple Leafs suck!
  • The Rock is gonna go through HHH like ex-lax goes through his fat-ass mama!
  • Botox your balls, excuse my language, if you want, he says. As long as you’re not hurting anybody.
  • If you think you can imagine what goes on in the mind of Richard Kelly, you can’t. You think you know, but you have no idea.
  • Catchphrases: The Rock has arguably more catchphrases than any other wrestler in history
  • Finally…. Usually the first thing the Rock says to get cheers from the crowd. i.e. Finally…the Rock…has come BACK to San Diego!
  • Who in the blue hell…: Inagurated during his feud with Booker T. ie Who…in the Blue Hell…are you?!
  • It doesn’t matter…: After asking for a piece of information, the Rock will yell back at the person. ie What is your name? My name is.. It doesn’t matter what your name is!
  • Layeth the Smacketh Down
  • The People’s Strudel: The Rock’s nickname for his nether regions.
  • Candy Ass: A common insult, used either to describe a person (That Candy Ass Kurt Angle…) or, more commonly, as a threat. (The Rock is going to shine up his boot, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass! or The Rock is going to whip your candy ass all over Dallas!)
  • This ain’t singalong with the champ.: Back when the Rock was heel and fans would first start to repeat his catchphrases, he’d yell this at them.
  • If you smeellllll….what the Rock…Is…COOKING!
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