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  • Acting is all about timing. I mean, who has better timing than the MCs?
  • Because I’m a young black man driving a really nice, expensive car, I sometimes get harassed when I’m rolling through a ghetto neighbourhood.
  • But when I really look back on my life, being really honest about it and now that I’ve got the chance to travel the world, seeing how a lot of little kids grow up – my life wasn’t so bad.
  • I came to Baku the same way I would go to Texas – because they asked me to come and play hip hop.
  • I finished the movie a month ago in downtown Los Angeles. I had a lot of fun doing it.
  • I just think it’s my responsibility as a human being and an entertainer to see the soldiers.
  • I knew all about Daredevil.
  • I never let any of my sons beat me at videogames.
  • I perform for soldiers because they are important,’
  • I think that all the athletes are representing their countries, and I’m sure they have a lot of pride in what they do.
  • I was hungry a coupla’ times but for the most part I ate every day… I got to go to school for free.
  • I wasn’t driving down the wrong side of the street, smoking marijuana, waving my gun out the window.
  • I’m innocent. I’ve done nothing. I’m a nice guy.
  • I’ve basically got an album full of singles.
  • I’ve been rapping since 1979.
  • If it wasn’t for the military I probably would not have ever come to Bosnia for vacation.
  • It was an overzealous police officer and a way-trumped up situation – a situation blown out of proportion.
  • Most of the real problems I had – I created for myself.
  • People treat me nice ‘cos I treat them nice.
  • We have a lot of fans worldwide.
  • We take pride in what we do.
  • A mind is a terrible thing to waste was the slogan, but now it’s 95 and it’s don’t forget the Trojan. – Coolio, Too Hot
  • They say I need to learn, but nobody’s here to teach me. If they don’t understand, how can they reach me? – Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise
  • Forget about Batman, Superman, and the Power Rangers, cause I’ll be your hero if you’re ever in some danger. – Coolio, Smiling
  • Pixie and Dixie just did a drive by on Donald Duck, but they shot and missed and now Bugs Bunny is getting kind of pissed. – Coolio, Ghetto Cartoon
  • Gather up your pity and turn it to ambition. – Coolio, See You When I Get There
  • I’d be a fool to surrender, when I know I can be a contender. And if everyone’s a contender, then everyone could be a winner. – Coolio, CU When I Get There
  • We got to push to give, and one life to live. – Coolio, CU When I Get There
  • Took flowers from a hearse, romanced a nurse. Put the girl asleep, then I went through her purse. – Coolio, Sticky Fingers
  • I don’t have to ask you where you’ve been, cause the matches in your purse say Holiday Inn. – Coolio, Too Hot
  • I see ya waiting for the bus early in the morn’, brick house with a face like Lena Horne. – Coolio, For My Sista’s
  • My name ain’t Steve Miller, but I fly like an Eagle. – Coolio, Get Up Get Down
  • You have a penitentiary record. I said, I know that bitch. – Coolio, County Line
  • Watch me swallow this nickel and shit 5 pennies. – Coolio, Get Up Get Down
  • I can’t live a normal life, I was raised by the streets. – Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise
  • As they croak, I see myself in the pistol smoke. – Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise
  • Why are we so blind to see that the only ones we hurt are you and me? – Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise
  • Elesa slept with Mark and Mark slept with Tina. Tina slept with Javier, the first time he seen her. Javier slept with Loopy, and Loopy slept with Rob. Rob slept with Lisa who slept with Steve… – Coolio, Too Hot
  • Put a condom in their hand and hope it don’t bust. – Coolio, Too Hot
  • I got size in my rise and motion for your ocean. – Coolio, Sumpin’ New
  • If knowledge is power and power is knowledge, then how so many idiots be graduating from college? – Coolio, The Winner
  • Take some time and educate your mind, in the long run I’m sure you’re fine. – Coolio, The Winner
  • They say I’ve got to learn, but nobody’s here to teach me. – Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise
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