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“My father used to say to me, Show ‘em what you can do, and don’t worry about what you’re gonna get. Say you’ll work for free and make yourself invaluable.”

Why we like him ??

He is, of course, best known as The Man With No Name, Perhaps the icon of macho movie stars, and a living legend, Clint Eastwood has become a standard in international cinema, A tall, soft-spoken and leathery leading man who, since the 1960s, has diversified into directing and producing after achieving iconic status, Clint Eastwood arose from the world of television westerns to become the number-one box-office star in the world, and subsequently earned critical acclaim as a director.

Why is he famous ??

Clinton Eastwood, Jr. is an American actor, film producer, composer, and Academy Award winning film director. Eastwood is famous for his “tough guy” roles, including Inspector Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry series and the Man with No Name in Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns. As a director, Eastwood has become known for high-quality dramas imbued with a pessimistic tone, such as Unforgiven (1992), Mystic River (2003), Million Dollar Baby (2004), Flags of Our Fathers (2006), Letters from Iwo Jima (2006), Gran Torino (2008), Invictus (2009), and Hereafter (2010).

Welcome to Clint Eastwood Website, and its dedicated to one of the coolest Hollywood icons of all time, and has remained largely aloof about his success as an actor, director and producer.

Here you can find almost everything about Clint Eastwood, Profile, Biography, Trivia, Filmography , Movies ( you can purchase any of his movies ) , a big Photos Gallery, Icons, Posters ( if you want to see his posters allover your walls you can get them here ) , Books, Famous Quotes, and a beautiful collection of Clint Eastwood for your desktops.

Just Enjoy surfing Clint Eastwood website, and don’t forget to come back to check new things often.

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